We exist to empower MSMEs with
Technology and Design

Incogetch is a technology firm that believes that for India to become a forerunner in the global economy, we need to empower our micro and small enterprises with a solid online presence and branding strategies which works.

About Us

Micro and small businesses create jobs and contribute to the growth of the local and national economy.

According to a survey conducted by CII, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector created 13.5 million to 14.9 million new jobs over the past four years. Research carried out by Google, together with KPMG, showed that a lack of understanding of the benefits of digital technologies and the absence of technical.skills kept two-thirds of Indian SMBs away from going online. It is a paradox that the most significant driver of economic growth still struggles with an impressive web presence, digital marketing and branding.
That’s where we come in
With a Vision to become long term technology and consulting partner of micro and small enterprises based in India
On a Mission is to support micro and small businesses with growth hacking. Which helps them achieve massive growth in a short period with a small budget.
Incogtech is looking to level up the game for every MSMB out there.
It’s time to unleash the true power of internet.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable development goals are not just the responsibility of the United Nations or governments. We all have to play a role and make a change at our level. Through Incogetch we are focusing on these three SDGs

Meet The Team

Four individuals with a passion for creativity and problem-solving. Expressing themselves through code, graphics, writing, voice and videos. Seeking fulfilment through action.

Kuldeep Raj

A rare combination of logic and creativity, a musician and singer at heart, educated as an engineer and a coder with a resolve by profession.

Pulkit Yadav
Communications Partner

The idealist dreamer, with a passion for learning, educating, travel and sustainability. Dropout by choice and business developer by profession.

Bhagwati Prasad Indoria
Engineering Partner

The logician @ Incogtech, chronic thinker, an engineer by education and a technical architect always on the lookout for a system or solution.

Vivekanand Goswami
Creative Partner

The artist among us and an avid traveler, when he is not creating or traveling, he is listening to sufi music or pulling Kuldeep's leg.

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